The Drum is the most important part of any arena. 

This includes both the instrument as well as the singers. The Host Drum or Head Drum is placed in the middle of the arena, a place of respect. All other drums are allowed, at the discretion of the Arena Director, to set up around the outside of the dance floor.

Without the drum, there can be no Pow Wow. The Drum is the heartbeat of the People and Mother Earth. Not only does the Drum consist of the instrument, but also it consists of the singers as well. 

There are two styles of the Drum, the Northern Drum and the Southern Drum. The Northern Drum singers sing at a high pitch. The drumsticks are more thickly' cushioned which muffles the drumbeat so that the higher-pitched singing dominates. The Southern Drum singers sing at a much lower pitch. The drumsticks are less cushioned so that the drumbeat is sharper sounding. 

You may hear the term "push-ups," this refers to the number of times a song will be sung through. The Drum is not only used at Pow Wows but, also at weddings, funerals, to honor veterans, for prayer songs and other special occasions. Listen to the beat of the Drum and the beat of your heart as they beat in unison to bring peace and harmony to us all.

At Pow Wows There is an Opportunity to

Teach and Honor our Children .

Provide for a place to Pass on the Culture.

Learn Traditions and Dance with one another.

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