As the United San Antonio Pow Wow is not a contest Pow Wow, the best and most skilled dancers are not formally recognized and honored for their abilities on the dance floor. However, individual participants and spectators may recognize and honor their favorite dancers during the exhibition dances held throughout the Pow Wow. 

Exhibition dances (Tiny Tots, Fancy Shawl, Traditional, etc.) are announced by the Master of Ceremonies. During these exhibitions, individuals may be honor dancers by placing money at the dancer's feet during the exhibition song. The dancer will then dance in place and allows others to honor the dancer with additional monetary gifts. When the song is completed, the dancer will stand in place until the money is picked up (usually by the arena director) and given to the honoree. 

Spectators are encouraged to honor and recognize dancers throughout the Pow Wow.

At Pow Wows There is an Opportunity to

Teach and Honor our Children .

Provide for a place to Pass on the Culture.

Learn Traditions and Dance with one another.

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