Traditional Dancer

Traditional Dancers.

The Traditional Dance may be the original dance of the Indians of the northern plains. Its origin is lost in antiquity, but its style allows for much individual expression.  It has evolved to include Northern and Southern Styles and the individual expression is one of the reasons for it's growing popularity among the tribes.

There is a close similarity of story line to the Straight Dance - that of a war party recounting its feats for the tribe. The use of a long 'coup stick' and the motion of the feather bustles heighten the interest. A much slower tempo allows the dancer to convey his emotions in a singular fashion. Faces are painted in a way designated to intimidate the imaginary opponent with the fierceness of the face. The dance will mimic each element, which makes up the regalia. 

This is also a dance that tells a story. This dance was conceived for returning warriors to tell others what had happened during a hunting exhibition or battle. It's a wonderful expression of a tale - notice that he always faces his enemy, never turning a complete circle. The regalia includes a single feather bustle, sometimes a hair roach or elaborate feather headdress and a coup stick.


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